Ron Washington talks about Cliff Lee

Rangers manager Ron Washington talked about Cliff Lee with ESPNDallas.com earlier today. Washington found out about Lee's decision when he woke up early Tuesday morning.

“I’m not surprised by anything that happens in baseball,” Washington said. “I wondered if they’d get involved because he played there before. He did what he felt was best for him and his family. I wish him well.”

Washington says the focus now is improving the pitching staff now that Lee is no longer an option.

“Will the Texas Rangers fold their tent? No. I don’t think so,” Washington said. “We’re going to continue to work and make sure we have the best team possible by the time the season opens. You always want to improve. We have a young pitching staff and we’d like a No. 1 starter. But we’re no different than any team in that respect. If we can’t get our hands on one, we’ll go with what we got.”

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