ESPN.com looks back at a 'strange October'

ESPN.com's Jayson Stark shares some fun facts about October baseball as a holiday treat this week. Obviously, he references the Rangers throughout the piece. Some of those are listed here:

* Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland hit no big league home runs against a left-handed pitcher all season. So who hit the Rangers' first home run of the World Series? Mitch Moreland -- off a left-hander (Jonathan Sanchez).

* Not one American League pitcher all season had an outing in which he threw at least 13 pitches and had only one of them called a strike. But the Rangers' Derek Holland unfurled that terrifying line in Game 2 of the World Series: 13 pitches, 1 strike. Oof.

* Josh Hamilton walked four times in the second game of the ALCS. How many four-walk games has he had in his regular-season career? Yup. Zero in 468 games.

* In the four ALCS games in which the Rangers beat the Yankees, they won every one of those games by at least five runs. So when was the last time the Rangers' margin of victory in four consecutive regular-season games was at least five runs? Would you believe September 2006 -- 664 games ago?

Anyway, it's an interesting look back at the playoffs. Just thought I'd pass it along. Check it out here.