Derek Holland shoots free throws for charity

Rangers pitcher Derek Holland went back to his hometown of Newark, Ohio, a few days before Christmas and shot free throws during a fundraiser at his old high school for the "Million Dollar Dream" program.

Holland made 19 of 25 free throws (and if you click this link you can see he has good form). Some of his comments in the local paper (Newark Advocate):

"It is just all about coming back and giving back to the community. That is the main thing," Holland said. "I just want to come back, be myself, have fun and be with my friends and family."

I will say during this holiday season, it's nice to see so many Rangers players giving back to the community. Holland is just one of many.

Holland said the money goes to kids who can't afford to pay to play a sport. He said at his high school, you have to pay $250 to play a sport, so this fund allows the kids to play that can't pay.

Holland told me that he made 16 free throws in 2009, so he wanted to shoot better in 2010. He also donated some money to the program himself.

"There's a lot of kids that are missing out on opportunities to play because they can't afford it," Holland said. "Maybe this will help them do that. Those kids should be out there playing. When I was in high school, we didn't have this pay to play deal. Now they have it and it shouldn't be that way."