Palmeiro disappointed about HOF showing

Former Ranger Rafael Palmeiro was disappointed he didn't receive more votes in the Hall of Fame voting. The slugger got 11 percent of the vote. Had he received less than five percent of the vote, he would have been taken off the ballot. As it stands, he'll be on there again next year.

"I am disappointed, obviously I am disappointed; I thought I would get more support," Palmeiro told our Tim Kurkjian. "But I am grateful that I get to stay on the ballot for at least another year. Maybe I'll go up, maybe I'll go down. I thought I was worthy of a better showing than what I got, but I had a black mark against me my last year in baseball. That is hard to overcome. I know there were some voters that said, 'He's a Hall of Famer, but he tested positive. I can't vote for him.' That's the reality of it. And it is something I have to live with."

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