Rangers offered quite a bit for Matt Garza

According to Peter Gammons, the Rangers were in the hunt to acquire Matt Garza from the Tampa Bay Rays to the very end -- and he's reporting what Texas was willing to give up.

According to Gammons, the Rangers would have sent left-hander Derek Holland, right-hander Frank Francisco, minor league outfielder Engel Beltre, and Cubs catcher Robinson Chirinos -- who would have been acquired in a separate deal -- to the Rays for Garza.

However, it was the Cubs who wound up acquiring Garza.

Joey Matschulat of our partner blog, Baseball Time in Arlington, had this to say about the Rangers' offer:

The prevailing response to this revelation among Rangers fans appears to be one of relief intertwined with subtle dismay, as Holland is still a young, talented left-hander with quality stuff and potential that has yet to be fully tapped (although the scenario where he evolves into anything more than a mid-rotation starter is beginning to resemble more of a long-shot scenario), Francisco is a solid late-inning weapon who is still more than capable of closing games elsewhere in the majors, and Beltre is a top-100 prospect, albeit not the sort that can carry a major trade on his own merits due to the heightened bust potential. Why would Texas move that sort of package, plus whatever assets might have been required to procure Chirinos (let's just pretend the cost would have been Chris Davis), for a pitcher coming off a mediocre 1.8-win campaign last season?

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