Arrive early at Caravan for autographs

The Rangers annual Winter Caravans start tonight at Academy Sports & Outdoors at 6101 Interstate 20 (Bryant Irvin Road) in Fort Worth from 6:30 to 8 p.m. and features Derek Holland, Mitch Moreland, Dave Anderson, Tom Grieve and Jim Sundberg.

Just a reminder of some policy changes to help make things smoother and handle the large demand:

* Autographs are limited to the first 300 people, and seating is limited to the first 200 people.

* Autograph passes will be issued two hours before the appearance. So if you want an autograph, you need to get out there early. You must be present to receive a pass.

* Any fan with a pass may receive one autograph per player, and there will be no personalized autographs or posed photos (that way all fans can be sure to get their autographs in the allotted time).

* Fans are asked to purchase any merchandise before the appearance begins. You can grab free autograph cards at the table.