Rangers, Josh Hamilton $3.3 million apart

That's actually not a lot. Getting a deal done with Josh Hamilton and the other two arbitration players -- Frank Francisco and Darren O'Day -- shouldn't be a problem. The Rangers haven't had an arbitration hearing since 2000 (Lee Stevens) and likely won't have one this season either.

The two sides exchanged arbitration figures Tuesday. The club is at $8.7 million with Hamilton at $12 million.

Most of the time in these negotiations, the player and the club end up meeting somewhere in the middle. That would put things at $10.35 million. It shouldn't be difficult to get something done soon at close to that number. (BTW, Hamilton made $3.25 million last year in his AL MVP season).

As for the other two arbitration-eligible players:

Frank Francisco: The club is at $3.5 million with Francisc0 countering at $4.875 million. That puts the midpoint at $4.187 million.

Darren O'Day: The club is at $1.05 million and O'Day wants $1.4 million. So something around $1.225 million should get it done.