Rangers talking extension with Jon Daniels

The Rangers and general manager Jon Daniels have started negotiations on a contract extension, according to sources.

Daniels had no comment.

The negotiations are in line with the timetable club president Nolan Ryan indicated about a week ago when he said it was a priority for the club now that they were basically done navigating a busy offseason.

"I would expect that to be done before spring training," Ryan said Jan. 20. "It's hard for me to predict what timeline we're dealing with, but it's going to be a priority these next couple of weeks."

Daniels' current contract expires after the 2011 season. That deal, negotiated by former owner Tom Hicks, was finalized during spring training in 2008. The club announced the extension on the same day that Ryan got a four-year deal as club president.

One of the more publicized aspects of the deal as the 2010 season was ending was that Daniels had a clause that allowed him to opt out of the deal if Hicks Sports Group no longer owned the team. Daniels has said repeatedly that he and his family like Texas and that he has no plans to leave.

Daniels was the youngest general manager in Major League history when he was hired on Oct. 4, 2005 at 28 years old. Five years later, he watched the Rangers' first World Series appearance thanks to a revamped farm system, emphasis on international markets, good scouting and drafting and some shrewd trades.