Is there a deadline to trade Michael Young?

It seems that each day we get more and more trickling out about Michael Young. The latest is that he's not happy with his current role and wants to be traded, as ESPN.com's Buster Olney reports.

So what does that mean in terms of deadlines to get a deal done?

The Rangers could decide that Young is unhappy enough that he needs to be dealt before spring training begins in 10 days. That would make the middle of next week a deadline of sorts to trade him and avoid a disgruntled Young showing up in Surprise.

But what if the Rangers decide to use spring training as a way of attempting to ease Young's concerns? They could see how things go and how he feels as the weeks progress and decide if he still needs to be dealt. If he does, that might make the last week of spring training or Opening Day a deadline of sorts.

There's a lot of talk about Young's 10-5 rights in mid-May. By then, Young will have 10 years of Major League service time and five of those with the same team, giving him the right to veto any deal. But that deadline appears mostly moot, doesn't it? If he's truly unhappy, would he veto most deals? So is the mid-May deadline really a deadline?

The Rangers have approached this entire offseason with the idea that they want to make the club better, both now and into the future. Trading Young doesn't make the club better on the field in 2011 in my opinion, as we discussed a few days ago. And the club won't trade him unless they get a package they feel makes them better.

The Rangers must weigh what Young's attitude might or might not do in the clubhouse. It's easy to say they don't want this hanging over everyone's heads as camp starts. But if there's any way through discussions now and as spring training starts to get Young back on board, the club has to try that route. They need him this season.