Fantasy owners hope Michael Young stays

ESPN.com's Eric Karabell wrote about the Michael Young situation in terms of his fantasy value. Here's part of Karabell's thoughts:

It's a shame that Michael Young is demanding a trade because it really is in his best statistical interest to remain a member of the Texas Rangers. It doesn't take long to realize that Young has pretty extreme home/road splits, not only in 2010 but his entire career, and fantasy owners have been relying on those home numbers for years. I won't speculate on where Young might be headed, because I'm skeptical it happens at all. Players demanding trades rarely get what they seek.

Fantasy owners want him in Texas, want him adding first and second base eligibility and want him hitting second in a terrific batting order.

Based on last season's ESPN Fantasy Player Rater, seven of the top 13 hitters in the AL West were Rangers. One of those players is currently elsewhere (Vladimir Guerrero), but he has been ably replaced (Adrian Beltre). As for the Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Angels and awful Seattle Mariners, there's a serious lack of impact offensive players, and it's not a stretch to expect a similar lack of performance this coming season.

Again, you can read Karabell's entire entry here.