Season ticket sales up; videoboard close

A few other notes for you from RangersWorld today:

* Full season ticket equivalents are up as expected this season. CEO Chuck Greenberg said the club is already above 10,000 (again, that full season ticket equivalents, not just the full season tickets themselves). They were at 7,500 all last year.

"We have significantly more full season equivalents now than at any time last season," Greenberg said. "We think there’s a chance to double [last year's] season-ticket base by the end of the year."

That would mean 15,000 season ticket equivalents by the end of 2011.

* The new videoboard remains on target for Opening Day. Greenberg said he was giving a tour of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Sunday and was struck by how much of a difference in space the new board is over the old one now that the steel is in place. He said that in about a week, Chuck Morgan and his staff will begin training for the new system.