Tim Kurkjian's question for the Rangers

It's that time of year for questions. We posed six of our own here on ESPNDallas.com today and ESPN.com's Tim Kurkjian listed one for each of the MLB teams. His question for the Rangers:

Did they mess too much with a pennant-winner?

Adrian Beltre had a terrific 2010, and is way better than Michael Young defensively at third base, but now Young wants to be traded rather than be the Rangers' DH.

"Why would they do that to such a pro?" one GM asked. "Wouldn't they be better moving Young to second and making [Ian] Kinsler the DH, [for] just chemistry's sake?" Maybe they could do that, but Kinsler is a better defensive player than Young is. The Rangers are also considering moving closer Neftali Feliz, the 2010 rookie of the year, to the rotation. He might be better off there in the long run, but in the short term, will that have a negative effect on the bullpen?

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