Jon Daniels, Michael Young haven't talked

Newly signed Rangers GM Jon Daniels joined Galloway & Co. to discuss a few topics Friday afternoon, including his relationship with Michael Young.

Daniels said he's exchanged hellos with Young, who was bothered by his move to DH and demanded a trade before spring training, but hasn't sat down to talk with him. The GM said the Rangers have had practice dealing with distractions over the last year.

"Both Michael and I and others have elected not to air our dirty laundry," Daniels told GAC.

Other topics Daniels discussed:

On the Rangers' health, depth: Obviously, health is key. A couple of years ago when a lot of the young guys here now were going to be in Triple A, we had a lot of depth. That's probably one area I'm a little bit concerned about. We don't have that same type of wave coming.

On hype surrounding Neftali Feliz as a starter: It's a big story from a media standpoint. The big question is, does have the ability to be one of the best young starters in the game?