Who's more popular: Rangers or Mavs?

The Dallas Cowboys have long ruled the roost in the Metroplex sports scene, but who's next in the pecking order: the Mavericks or Rangers?

It's the topic of discussion for ESPN Dallas' latest Hot Button. So we leave it to you, the DFW sports fan, to make the call. But before making your vote, Ben Rogers of the Ben & Skin Show on 103.3 FM and ESPN Dallas' Jeff Caplan debate the topic.

A little taste:

Rogers: The Rangers have definitely surpassed the Mavs in terms of Metroplex popularity ... after finally becoming true contenders after years of clockwork mediocrity. At the same time, the recent postseason failures of the Mavs -- despite a fantastic string of 50-plus-win seasons -- have created a fatigue or lack of trust in DFW sports fans.

Caplan: The collective heart of Mavs fans has been stomped on more than once, but interest in the Mavs' fate remains as intense as ever -- even if it's in anticipation of a train wreck so some can officially anoint Mark Cuban's club the "One-and-Done Boys."

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