Julio Borbon shares his side of the story

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Rangers outfielder Julio Borbon said a miscommunication with manager Ron Washington caused his benching in Friday's game. He plans on talking to the manager about it today.

Borbon said the manager didn't see him as he got his batting gloves and went up the dugout stairs to the on-deck circle with two outs in the second inning of the game.

"We had a misunderstading about where I was when it was getting ready to bat," Borbon said. "I was on deck, but he didn't see me there. I told him I was, but he didn't see me there. We had a little bit of disagreement on that and that's how that happened."

Borbon said as soon as a batter made a swing that produced the second out, he started getting his gloves on and preparing to hit.

"I was never rushed to the on-deck circle," Borbon said. "I was not in the 'hole,' which is never anything that anybody typically gets on for."

Borbon talked as he put a bandage on his left elbow. The elbow started feeling a little sore on Friday night. Borbon took some swings on Saturday and felt it, so the club decided to be cautious and scratch him from the lineup. It's been a difficult last week to 10 days for Borbon. He's had defensive problems in the field, had to leave camp to take care of a personal matter, the benching Friday and now the injury on Saturday.

"It's not something that you want, but some of it you can't control," Borbon said.

Borbon said he understands the whole idea of what Washington did was to make sure he remains focused.

"Sometimes it could be a little unfair when things are seen from different eyes because everybody has different ideas," Borbon said. "We all could be seeing the same thing, but it doesn't mean we get the same thought from it. That's all. There's nothing past that. I'm not trying to take it any further. I explained it to him and at that point, maybe based on the things going on, it's something they think I should be doing. The things that kept me from being in the 'hole' wasn't based on lack of focus or me not knowing."

Borbon said he was actually discussing the ball that Josh Hamilton had trouble with as the inning was going on, so he felt he was engaged in the game.

Washington indicated Friday that the decision to remove Borbon had nothing to do with the short-hop in center in the first. Borbon agreed, saying he talked to Washington about the play right after the inning ended.

The bottom line: Washington wanted to "make a statement," as he put it Saturday. He wants to remind Borbon to do the little things, even getting in the on-deck circle on time.

BTW, Borbon believes he will be back in the lineup Sunday (Monday at the latest). (And for what it's worth, I do think he knows he's got to make sure all parts of his game are in order.)