Adrian Beltre ejected from today's game

PEORIA, Ariz. -- If spring training is for practice, Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre got some of his yelling at umpires out and umpire Paul Schrieber got a chance to rehearse his ejection signal.

"It's spring training," Beltre said. "Everybody has to work on something."

Beltre said he was yelling that a pitch was outside and didn't even know he was ejected. The game was delayed a few minutes while manager Ron Washington argued and Beltre finally headed to the clubhouse.

"I do that every game," Beltre said. "I heard him say my name and that I was out and I said, 'Thank you.'"

The third baseman said he's never been thrown out of a spring training game before.

"There's always a first," Beltre said.

Before he exited, Beltre had two hits, including a double in the fifth. Beltre's knee hit the ground right after the swing, something of a trademark for him. It hit off the center field wall. Beltre is hitting .267 this spring and has been hot recently. After a mild calf strain kept him out for two weeks, Beltre appears ready for the season -- at the plate, in the field and in his ability to needle the umpires.