Nolan Ryan sticking with win prediction

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Given a chance to predict the Rangers' 2011 win total now that spring training is over, CEO Nolan Ryan isn't budging.

"I said 90 to 95 wins and I still believe this club can do that," Ryan said. "I gave myself some leeway."

Ryan joked that everyone seemed obsessed with his 92-win prediction of a year ago.

"Do you think they'll hang a sign out there with 90 to 95 on it?," Ryan said. (Wouldn't shock me.)

Ryan said he was a little worried about the bullpen, but remains confident in his club.

"I have some concerns, because they’re parts of the bullpen that didn’t perform well, but some of it you don’t put a lot of emphasis on it because people are getting their work done," Ryan said. "I would like to come out of spring training with a couple guys in the ‘pen having better springs, but hopefully when the bell rings, they’ll be where we want them to be."