Elvis Andrus talks about staying focused

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Shortstop Elvis Andrus knows that he can't take any play for granted. That's why he wasn't happy with himself after failing to turn a double play during Wednesday's win against Seattle.

With Michael Saunders running in the fifth, Andrus received the flip from Ian Kinsler at second and then took just a little longer than normal to get rid of the ball on the throw to first. Consequently, it was late and Saunders was safe.

"I was a little lazy on that one," Andrus said. "Ian was good. I was the one that didn't make the play. It was hard contact and I thought I had more time. But I have to remember to be aggressive and that it's better to make the early out. I wanted to be sure I made a good throw, but I took too much time."

Andrus has talked about making the routine plays the past few years and he's done a much better job of making those plays and staying focused. It's something he continues to work on -- and something that manager Ron Washington won't hestitate to remind him about from time to time.

Andrus remains one of the top defensive shortstops in the majors. And now that he's got Adrian Beltre to his right, the two make the left side of the Rangers' infield formidable.