Club can survive without Josh Hamilton

DETROIT -- The Rangers can still win the AL West and compete for the AL championship even without Josh Hamilton for two months. The reason? Depth.

David Murphy will now get a chance to start every day and can make a huge difference. He isn't Josh Hamilton, but he performed well in his absence last year. ESPN Stats & Information got AccuScore to simulate two months of games missed by Hamilton. It assumed Hamilton would miss 58 games in 2011. The results:

The impact is significant, but not necessarily as big as one might think.

Assuming he misses 58 games it translates to the team’s average simulation win percentage per game of -2.8%. Over 162 games this is a 4.5 win value. In other words: The Rangers still have an 80 percent chance to make the playoffs and an 88.1 percent change to win the division, even without Hamilton.