Scouting the opponent: New York Yankees

NEW YORK -- Our (short) friend, Andrew Marchand, an award-winning supporting actor in ESPN Dallas/ESPN New York videos from the ALCS, gives us a quick look at the New York Yankees as the Rangers begin a three-game set with the Bronx Bombers tonight.

Q: Give us two keys from the Yankees perspective for the Rangers' series.

AM: The Yankees need to get Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia to the sixth inning. Nova has had trouble getting to the fifth inning in his young career. Garcia is making his first Yankee start Saturday.

The second key for the Yankees is to split the first two and then set up CC Sabathia vs. Alexi Ogando. I know Ogando has been good, but CC is due for his first victory to pair with his 1.45 ERA.

Q: Can you share a quick scouting report on the three starters the Rangers will see this series?

AM: Ivan Nova is sort of like A.J. Burnett. He can bring the heat and has big curve, but has been inconsistent. He eventually could be a No. 3 starter.

Freddy Garcia is no longer Freddy Garcia. He is now a guy who gets by on guile, which is a nice way of saying he only throws in the mid-to-high 80s.

CC Sabathia? Durrett, you need a scouting report on him? He is really, really big and really, really good.

Q: Which Yankee not named A.J. Burnett has surprised you the most so far this season?

AM: Russell Martin. Right now, he has been the best offseason pickup the Yankees have made. He is better defensively than Jorge Posada and he has started the year hitting like an All-Star.

Q: If a Rangers fan came to New York for the series, what off the beaten path attraction would you recommend they do while in New York? What restaurants do you recommend?

AM: I would chek out Yelp. If that didn't work. I would go to New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe on 65 Bayard Street in Chinatown. The best Chinese food a Texan could ever eat. Cheap, too. Kind of hard to figure out how to get there, but worth it.

Q: Anything else Rangers fans should know about the Yankees heading into the series?

AM: Nope. That's about it. Oh, Derek Jeter is not very good this year.