Rangers stay aggressive on bases

NEW YORK -- The Rangers have no trouble accepting any gifts an opponent wants to give them. The fifth inning of Friday's 5-3 win over the Yankees had to feel like Christmas morning.

Yankees starter Ivan Nova and reliever David Robinson combined to throw three wild pitches and walk three Rangers, allowing Texas to score three runs despite just one hit.

The Rangers stayed extremely aggressive on the bases. Twice on wild pitches, they didn't hestitate to go as soon as the ball hit the dirt. Instead of waiting to see if catcher Russell Martin would pounce on a ball or keep it close to him, the Rangers just went, putting pressure on him to make a play. But there was nothing Martin could do on those wild pitches. By the time he got them, the Rangers were already at the next bag.

Mitch Moreland and Julio Borbon moved up together early in the fifth inning and both scored, Moreland on a ground ball by Ian Kinsler and Borbon on a single by Michael Young, the only hit of the inning. With Elvis Andrus and Young on base, Robertson walked Nelson Cruz and then threw a wild pitch, allowing Andrus to score.

Manager Ron Washington teaches his team to go to the next base as often as they can. That means they'll get thrown out sometimes, but more times than not, they'll advance to a base on a dirt ball and find a way to score. That's what they did in the fifth, which created a 5-1 lead and the club held on for a 5-3 victory.