Mitch Moreland sure can hit tough pitching

SEATTLE -- If there's one thing Mitch Moreland is getting a reputation for doing early in his career, it's hitting tough pitching.

He was at it again on Wednesday, crushing a first-pitch fastball from Michael Pineda way up into the seats in right-center. Pineda has been one of the top pitchers in the American League this season and Moreland was the first player to hit a home run off him in 2011.

Moreland is now 3-for-5 in his career off Pineda. But that's not the only top pitcher in the AL that Moreland has hit this year. ESPN Stats & Information took a quick look at Moreland's mark against some other top AL pitchers. Here's a look:

Jered Weaver: 4-11, 2 HR

Trevor Cahill: 3-9, HR

James Shields: 0-3

Josh Beckett: 2-2, HR

That's impressive for a young hitter against pitchers that don't allow much in the way of runs or hits.