ESPN.com on Texas' draft philosophy

As part of ESPN.com's MLB Draft blog, Jason A. Churchill looked at each team's draft philosophy. Here's what he said about the Rangers:

Scouting director: Kip Fagg

Fagg's second year at the helm could be his first opportunity to draft from a board of best overall talents, as last June the club went for signability early as the pending sale of the franchise restricted financial flexibility. Nolan Ryan's presence is even greater this year, and the ownership situation has been sorted out to the point that Texas is fully expected to do some damage. Expect the pitching prototype to be in the Rangers' radar -- both college and prep -- as well as upside athletes and power bats. They have an extra pick -- No. 37 overall -- and may get a chance to splurge for a tougher sign and get two top-20 talents on Day 1. Fagg's preferences appear to be built around the organization's beliefs set by Ryan.