Boys have fun with "Piggy Bank" sign

Conner and Hunter Alexander were just hoping to get some face time on television and make some folks laugh when they made a sign to bring to the Rangers' game earlier this week.

Conner, 7, and Hunter, 10, were sitting around with their parents and uncle and came up with the idea for Conner to hold a sign that read: "Hey Rangers! Hit my brother. Win my piggy bank." The sign had an arrow pointing to Hunter.

The boys wanted Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz, their favorite players, to see the sign. They were hoping to get on the new large videoboard at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Conner said they considered putting a target on Hunter's chest, but didn't have any tape.

"They were just having fun," said Billy Alexander, the boys' father, in a phone interview Friday. "We never did see it on the JumboTron, but we had a bunch of phone calls that it was on TV."

The sign went viral, giving the family from Carthage, Texas, a little more popularity than they expected. So what if a Rangers' player had hit a ball toward Hunter?

"I wanted them to hit me because I would have caught it," said Hunter, who brought his glove and said he's played every position in Little League except pitcher and catcher.

Billy Alexander said some people didn't understand that the boys were kidding. He added that they have a normal sibling relationship and did it to get a laugh.

"They are great friends and play well together," Alexander said. "The boys were just having fun and wanted to be noticed. It blew up from there. Some people took it the wrong way."

The offer on the sign would not have made any Ranger very rich once they were able to shake all of the coins out of Conner's piggy bank.

"It probably has less than $5 in it," Billy Alexander said.