Taylor Teagarden improving footwork

ATLANTA -- Rangers manager Ron Washington didn't think Taylor Teagarden had a chance to get Curtis Granderson when the Yankees speedster tried to get to second base during the 12-inning Rangers' loss Thursday.

"But he got up and made a nice throw," Washington said. "He played a good game."

Teagarden had a hit and helped the pitching staff allow three runs, despite the loss. It could earn him another day game start Sunday in Atlanta, though Washington hasn't made any decisions on that yet.

Teagarden said he's improved his throws to second by actually dialing it down with his feet.

"That's the key for me," Teagarden said. "I feel like my arm is good enough to get it there quickly, but if I don't set my feet properly, it goes wide. I was trying to set them too quickly and rushing things. When I don't rush and just set my feet and make the throw I'm capable of, the results are better. The onus is on me to do that."

Teagarden is back in the big leagues because Mike Napoli is on the disabled list with a strained left oblique muscle. Teagarden said he wants to take advantage of any and every opportunity to play in the majors and do what he can to help the club win.