Mike Napoli's hair color changing soon

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Mike Napoli knows he has to pay up on his NBA Finals bet with a couple of Rangers clubhouse attendants.

Dirk Nowitzki reminded him of it before Friday’s game. Nowitzki was at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to throw out the first pitch and was told that Napoli agreed to dye his hair blonde if the Mavericks won the Finals.

Incidentally, the clubbies would have had to shave their eyebrows had the Miami Heat, Napoli’s team, won.

“Dirk came in and said, ‘Let’s do it right now,’” Napoli said. “I wasn’t quite ready yet.”

Napoli will likely be dying his hair during the next homestand. He wore Heat jerseys throughout the Finals, but was always respectful of the Mavericks and believed it would be a long series.

Nowitzki will no doubt enjoy seeing Napoli’s new hair color soon.