Notes: Mike Napoli ready to pay off bets

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers catcher Mike Napoli has returned to the lineup, starting at catcher tonight. It means that he must pay up on several bets he made on the Miami Heat to win the NBA Finals.

First on that list is his walkup music for tonight's game. He made a wager with Fox Sports Southwest's Emily Jones and because the Mavericks won, she's picked a couple of songs for public address guru Chuck Morgan to play tonight. And she's also letting fans vote on one. What might we hear? Ice, Ice Baby, Take My Breath Away and I'm Too Sexy are some options.

"I'll be listening," Napoli said. "I've got to listen. I don't know what will be blaring on the speakers. I lost a bet. It's a fun thing people can talk about. Hopefully I do good so I'll have to keep one of these songs. If I hit a homer or do something good, there's a good chance it could stay for a little bit."

The other bet, one made with the Rangers' clubbies, is that Napoli has to dye his hair blonde. That was supposed to happen today, but has been postponed until probably after the All-Star break. But Napoli has vowed to do it.

"Our hair lady said it takes two hours because my hair is so dark," Napoli said. "I made a bet and I've got to pay up. I have retired from this."

Other notes:

* Josh Hamilton said he plans on attending some of the Home Run Derby even though he was not picked by AL Home Run Derby captain David Ortiz. Hamilton said earlier this season he didn't want to participate and then said he was open to the idea when he saw the new format. But Ortiz ended up going with Robinson Cano at that final spot, joining Jose Bautista and Adrian Gonzalez. "I probably won't stay for the whole thing because I don't have a teammate in there," Hamilton said. "But I'll watch some."

* The Rangers have not set their rotation for after the All-Star break, but they do know Alexi Ogando will be the fifth starter to get him as much rest as possible. One option is to have Colby Lewis start against Seattle the first game back, followed by Matt Harrison, C.J. Wilson and Derek Holland. But they don't have to make that decision for a few days.

* Manager Ron Washington has not received his letter from MLB about his fine, but he knows it's coming. Some of the players talked about passing around a cap to help him pay for it, but Washington isn't having any of that. "I'm the one that got thrown out," Washington said. "I'll pay for it. But I appreciate that."