Andrus' error Sunday is no longer an error

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The error charged to Elvis Andrus in the eighth inning Sunday against Florida, which caused manager Ron Washington to publicly address Andrus' defensive issues, was overturned Thursday by MLB and called a hit.

It was scored as an error after Andrus charged the chopper over the mound, but then couldn't get the ball out of his glove cleanly to make a throw to first. The error -- and now hit by Hanley Ramirez -- tied the score and the Marlins ended up adding two more runs for a come-from-behind, 6-4 win over the Rangers.

Washington felt like Andrus should have made the play and said after the game that he expected more from his shortstop.

"This is the big leagues," Washington said after Sunday's game. "That’s a chance for a major league shortstop to make and he didn’t make the play. There’s no excuses. He didn’t make the play."

Andrus was told of the scoring change on Thursday and did feel like it was a tough play.

"It was a hit," Andrus said. "It was a tough play, but I should have made that play. If I get that out, it changes the game. But it was a pretty tough ball."

The change means that the unearned runs that inning charged to the Rangers' pitchers that eighth inning now become earned runs. That includes one to C.J. Wilson, which increases his ERA from 3.02 to 3.09.