Nolan Ryan: 'Very, very sad day'

ARLINGTON, Texas -- After a nearly 20 minute news conference, Rangers president and CEO Nolan Ryan walked off looking solemn.

He had spoken to the widow of Shannon Stone, who died Thursday night after falling onto a concrete surface while catching a foul ball tossed by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Ryan called Jenny Stone on Friday morning and wasn't sure if any Rangers official would visit the home of the Brownwood firefighter.

"It's a very, very sad day for the Texas Rangers organization with the tragedy that we had last night," he said. "It hits us at our roots of what we are. We're about making memories, about family entertainment and last night we had a father and son at the game and had a very tragic incident. It drives it to the core of what we're about and the memories that we try to make in this game for our fans."

Stone, 39, fell over a railing in left field at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and landed on a concrete surface about 20 feet below. He was transported by ambulance to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, where he was pronounced dead. Stone's 6-year-old son witnessed the fall.

Jenny Stone, through Ryan, asked that the news media stop showing videos of the incident out of respect for her son.

"She's very concerned about her son and the impact this is having on him and rightfully so," Ryan said. "She asked me if I could do anything about the video footage being shown by the news media. I told her I would do what I could."

The Rangers have placed a tarp over the area where Shannon Stone fell Thursday night but wasn't sure if it would stay there.

Ryan said the Rangers would conduct studies about what to do in the future with that area.

Both the Rangers and A's would wear a black ribbon on their uniforms, and flags at the ballpark are at half-staff. The Rangers will have a moment of silence before Fridaya's game and set up a memorial fund for the Stone family.