Nolan Ryan feels for the family

ARLINGTON, Texas -- For Nolan Ryan, Friday is a difficult day.

He's a father of three and has seven grandchildren, so when he says he's hurting over the death of a father, who was attending a baseball game with his 6-year old son, you believe him.

Ryan talked about the family experience at ballparks fans' requests for foul balls from players. When he was a kid going to baseball games, Ryan said he asked for foul balls.

As a player, he tossed balls into the stands because he understands what it means to have one.

He doesn't want to let those experiences go, yet it hurts to see someone pass away while trying to enjoy a baseball game.

Thursday night, Shannon Stone, died after falling onto a concrete surface in left field after catching a foul ball tossed by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Ryan spoke to Shannon's widow, Jenny, Friday morning.

"It's one of the saddest things I've ever seen," Ryan said. "It really goes down to the basic roots of who we are and who we stand for. As a father and grandfather, my heart goes out to that family and for Jenny Stone and for her son Cooper."