Fond baseball memories from Friday's chat

During our in-game chat Friday, commenters and writers spent plenty of time reflecting on how baseball has brought family and loved ones together. Special memories of first baseball games or meaningful trips to the ballpark with fathers and families were shared as everyone came to realize that the love for baseball is a special gift that was given to us by meaningful people in our lives.

Richard Durrett shared his personal thoughts on the accident here.

Here are a few of the stories and memories commenters shared in the chat:

Stephen said:

Richard, your words spoke to me as a baseball fan and a father. I have so many terrific memories at the ballpark with my father before he passed and have recently started making new ones with my daughter. Your ability as a writer to convey what so many parents are feeling very much appreciated today, whatever the reason you started in this business. Its the reason that I read good writers and appreciate those that are good at their job.

Art said:

Yesterday's event brought tear to my eyes. Tomorrow I told my 3-year-old son I was taking him to see the Rockcats play (Twins AA in the area)...and he said "Daddy, can we wear our Rangers shirt? Just you and me, right?" Baseball. No matter what--for families.

Caught my first foul ball on opening day in Cleveland two years ago. Remember my dad slapping me on the back and saying "Good catch, son." Granted...only one in fifty yards and ball landed in my lap...

Jacob said:

I cannot wait until my newborn daughter gets older and I can take her to Rangers game. It is an awesome experience when my father took me. Worked 7 days a week 12 hour days, but still made time to coach my baseball team as a kid and take me to multiple Rangers game. Still remember my first game and my favorite player Juan Gonzalez tossing me a ball after taking BP... Never forget that day.

Will said:

I was 4, it was the 1 and only game my dad would ever get to take me to. I begged him to get me a hot dog even though he said we could only get drinks. I got my hot dog.

There will be chats during all of the games throughout the weekend. Feel free to join in the banter about the games or share another baseball memory with other Ranger fans.