Tommy Hunter adjusting to bullpen

SEATTLE -- Rangers right-hander Tommy Hunter came out of a game late in the first half and the next day could feel more soreness in his shoulder and arm than he'd felt in quite some time.

"It was more than I was used to," Hunter said. "It's tough getting used to this."

Hunter pulled reliever Mark Lowe aside and asked him about the keys to keeping his arm fresh during the different workload.

"It's different doing this in the big leagues and doing it in the SEC," said Hunter, who was last a reliever at Alabama. "Lowe told me I had to stay on top of my shoulder work. Repetition is the key."

Hunter is happy in the bullpen and believes his role will be better defined now that Scott Feldman is the primary long man.

"I just have to get used to the routine and getting prepared to pitch on back-to-back days or a few innings here and one or two outs there," Hunter said. "That's an adjustment. But it's nice to pitch in important spots. When the game is on the line like that, you get your adrenaline going and it's fun. I'm a competitive guy. I want to win and pitch when it matters."