C.J. Wilson: Alexi Ogando is special

Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson joined the Ben & Skin Show with the lowdown on his hard-luck loss against the Angels, the AL West race and Alexi Ogando's transition from the bullpen to the starting rotation.

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On taking a loss despite throwing a two-hitter:

"I felt good. If anything, I think, it put the Angels on notice that Weaver's not the only All-Star dude in the division. ...

"I'm going to take it like I'm that much closer to throwing a no-hitter."

Comparing Ogando's move to his own move from the bullpen:

"It really isn't a fair comp because I was already in the majors for five years. I already knew all the hitters. That's the different part.

"Ogando's got enough stuff that he can overcome the lack of experience. That's what people have to understand, that when you can throw 95 to 98 as a starting pitcher, he's just special. He's going to be different.

"In Texas, it's easy to throw a lot of innings if you're in great shape because of the fact that when you go out there you get loose easily because it's warm."