Washington talks Wilson, submarines

Ron Washington broached several interesting topics in his weekly chat with Ben & Skin on Wednesday. This morning, Ian Fitzsimmons filled in for Ben. Some of what was addressed:

* Washington was asked if he'd prefer that starter C.J. Wilson "own up" to a performance like that, rather than say it was "100 percent unlucky." Washington's response: "That would be the manly thing to do," Wilson said. "I’m not going to get into whatever comments they make. I believe in my guys being stand-up guys. CJ is a stand-up guy. I just think last night was more frustrated than he's been in a while. He’s only human and he’s allowed to have his feelings. It doesn’t bother me. He’ll get the ball the next time it's his turn."

* It's clear the manager wants some bullpen help at the trade deadline. When asked if fans should be worried about the bullpen, Washington said: "I think they should be worried about the bullpen situation that’s why we're trying to correct it."

* Washington said Feliz's location and secondary stuff hasn't been the same as last year, but said he's confident in his young closer. "I have confidence in him totally," Washington said. "I don’t give him the ball and sit here and cross my fingers and wish and hope. I give him the ball with the utmost confidence that he's goign to get my three outs."

* Washington's line of the day was that he won't jump off the Neftali Feliz ship because "the ship might sink, turn into a submarine a resurface." Classic.

* Leonys Martin was in town on Tuesday getting some instruction from outfield coach Gary Pettis and others. Washington said there were some things the club wants him to clean up before he gets to the majors.