Ogando on paternity leave, O'Day coming

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers starter Alexi Ogando will be placed on the paternity leave list so that he can go to the Dominican Republic for the birth of his child. The club can replace him with a pitcher for 72 hours and will do so with Darren O'Day.

Ogando is expected to return in time for his scheduled start Tuesday against Seattle. The move allows the club some time to figure out if Scott Feldman will need to go on the disabled list with a blister on his right thumb. Feldman was taken out of the game as he warmed up for the sixth inning on Friday.

"He's going to be down for a day anyway, so we figure the day he gets down we've just got to recheck it," manager Ron Washington said.

When Ogando returns, the club can decide if Feldman needs to go on the DL.