C.J. Wilson wears T-shirt in honor of Napoli

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Before speaking with reporters following the Rangers' 4-0 win on Monday, starter C.J. Wilson looked down at his blue T-shirt and laughed.

"It's tough to keep a straight face on while I'm wearing this," said Wilson, who had clubhouse manager Hoggy Price help him with the design and getting the shirts ordered. The players got them on Monday.

The shirt had a picture of Mike Napoli wearing a chef's hat and holding a spatula with the words: "On the Menu" beside his smiling face. On the back of the shirt, it read: "Turkey Sandwich."

The shirt was created because the players joked earlier this season that with longer hair, Napoli looked like the chef that cooks food in the visiting clubhouse in Detroit.

"I don't think I look like him, but I had long hair like him," Napoli said. "It's all fun and games. That's what we do in here. We have a thing where we say, 'in the book,' so for me, I'm the chef, so it's 'on the menu.'"

On the menu for Napoli on Monday was a three-run homer that turned a 1-0 lead into a 4-0 advantage in the sixth.

As for the back of the shirt, Napoli said Elvis Andrus came up to him in Detroit and asked him to make him a turkey sandwich and now that's what a lot of the players say to him.

This isn't the first shirt to make its way into the clubhouse courtesy of the players. Napoli himself started "Ranger Man" for Michael Young, even creating a towel cape for Young complete with drawings and statistics. Those red shirts have been worn by players for months. And, of course, some still have the "University of Washington" shirts with a big photo of a laughing manager Ron Washington on the front from Washington's early years with the club. The claw and antler shirts from last season can still be found, too. The Rangers pitchers will sometimes wear "Execute with Conviction," something pitching coach Mike Maddux stresses. Darren Oliver recently bought Nike shirts with "Running Sucks." on them for the pitchers as a way of poking strength and conditioning coach Jose Vazquez.

"I think it's pretty funny," Napoli said about his shift. "But that's how we are. That's how we stay together and mess around with each other."