Rangers' bullpen will be just fine

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Colby Lewis pitched poorly Tuesday night against the Red Sox.

About the only good thing Lewis accomplished in the Rangers' 11-5 loss was lasting six innings, which meant Ron Washington didn't have to even think about using his two trump cards: Koji Uehara and Mike Adams.

So, for at least one night, we were spared the ridiculous overreaction that occurs each time one of them pitches.

When Texas acquired Uehara and Adams at the trade deadline, they were each hailed as key pieces who would help the Rangers get to the World Series again.

They were billed as invincible. Unhittable. Superheroes if you will, based on their numbers.

Uehara arrived with a 62 strikeouts and a 1.72 ERA, having allowed just 25 hits in 47 innings. Adams, equally impressive, had a 1.13 ERA with 49 strikeouts and an opponent's batting average of .155.

Guess what? We've discovered they're human.

Uehara has been average; Adams has been good.

For now, that's OK.

This ain't football. Your emotions can't ride on every pitch and every game.

It's too soon. Too many games remain. The AL West race won't be decided this week. Or next.

"Fans want you to be spotless, but that's not always going to get it done. It's not easy," Adams said after the game. "I understand that I'm going to give up runs and that sometimes I'm not going to be unhittable. On those days, you have to put it behind you and get the job done the next day."

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