It's official: Santana, Weaver on short rest

ARLINGTON, Texas -- As expected, Angels manager Mike Scioscia has decided to pitch Ervin Santana and Jered Weaver on short rest for the first time in their careers. The move allows the Angels to throw their best pitchers at the Rangers in this critical three-game series. Dan Haren goes on full rest tonight.

"We're not afraid of Santana and Weaver," manager Ron Washington said, adding that they weren't Don Drysdale or Sandy Koufax. "We've faced Weaver and Santana before."

Washington said he isn't sure whether he would start a pitcher on short rest in the regular season.

"I haven't had a chance to make that decision, so I don't know," Washington said. "If I had to make that decision and I felt it was right, I would do it. I didn't have to make it."

But he had to make that call in the ALDS last season with Cliff Lee. The Rangers said they were going to pitch Lee on short rest before the series, but changed their minds a few days prior to the playoffs. They went with a 4-man rotation instead, which is why Lee pitched the deciding Game 5 against David Price in Tampa Bay and helped send the Rangers to the ALCS. So why didn't the club pitch Lee on short rest?

"He'd never done it," Washington said. "Cliff was all for it. It's Cliff Lee."

But the club decided not to do it.

Washington said Scioscia has a "better feel" for his pitchers than Washington does and the Rangers manager isn't surprised by the decision.

"I'n not surprised at anything Mike does," Washington said. "He knows what's best for his team. [He] always has."

Pitchers starting on short rest this season have a 4.34 ERA in those starts. Still, the move allows the Angels to throw their best arms at the Rangers and avoid using Jerome Williams or Joel Pineiro.