Rangers BBTN: Vernon Wells

Arlington Bowie alumnus Vernon Wells continues to feel right at home at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. He hit a home run in the second game of this three-game series, giving him 10 homers, 21 RBIs and .308 batting average (24-for-78) over his last two years playing at the Rangers' home.

“You know when you hit a ball well, it’s got a pretty good chance to leave the park. It’s a comfort knowing that as a hitter,” Wells said before Sunday night’s series finale. “You see the numbers the Rangers put up in this ballpark and that’s the reason why. It kind of gets in your psyche that this is a great hitter's park and all you have to do is try to make good solid contact.”

Wells was a guest on Rangers Baseball Tonight on the Texas Rangers ESPN Radio Network. He enters the rubber match of this three-game series with a .215 season batting average in his first season with the Angels.

Last October, Wells was at Rangers Ballpark to see best friend Michael Young compete in the playoffs and World Series. Wells was spotted wearing a Michael Young Rangers jersey.

“I was like a kid going to watch ballgames again and cheering for your favorite player. It was fun watching him get to go through it,” Wells recalled. “It makes you want it that much more. I was happy to wear his jersey even though every time I wore it they lost. So, I stopped wearing it.”

On tonight’s warm-up show, Wells also talked about how big a game this is for the Angels and Rangers, the transition from the Blue Jays to the Angels, playing primarily on grass, Mike Scioscia and more about the above topics.

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