Wash: Craig Gentry wide open on first step

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Just how fast is Rangers center fielder Craig Gentry?

Ron Washington was tossing around the name of Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson when looking for a comparison.

“Rickey Henderson on his first step was wide open,’’ Washington said. “Gentry is the same way. He’s got speed from the first step.’’

Henderson stole 1,406 bases in his career and 130 in 1982 for the single season record.

Washington said he encourages Gentry to use his speed.

“He can outrun the baseball,’’ Washington said. “I tell him if he can go get a bag, then go get it. If they throw you out, I’ll tip my hat for the throw.’’

Gentry hasn’t been thrown out yet. He’s 18-for-18 in stolen base attempts, the most steals without being caught of any major league player this season.