Craig Gentry in CF, Hamilton in LF in Game 3

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Late in Saturday's Game 2 of the ALDS, Craig Gentry pinch hit and then stayed in at center field with Josh Hamilton moving to left.

That formation will stay the same for Game 3 as Gentry will be in the game against left-handed starter David Price, but in center field. That's a change from Game 1, when Gentry was in left field and Hamilton was in center.

"Gentry is more comfortable there," manager Ron Washington said. "He's always played center field. Hamilton is a great left fielder and Gentry's best spot is center. I don't want Gentry to be uncomfortable."

Washington said that also gives Hamilton less to do on the artificial surface at Tropicana Field.

"To me, when Gentry is out there he's better in center," Washington said. "His natural instincts is center field."

Gentry has plenty of speed to cover center and a good enough arm to make runners think twice about going from first to third. Gentry hit .265 against left-handed pitching this season, while the left-handed hitting David Murphy was just .215 against them.