Bullpen Wrapup: Power arms rule

The Rangers entered the postseason with baseball's bullpen. In a week, it's gotten significantly better.

Alexi Ogando may have struggled down the stretch as a starter, but he's recaptured his mojo. The result: He was virtually unhittable in the ALDS.

The Rangers felt good about closing out games with Mike Adams pitching the eighth and Neftali Feliz pitching the ninth.

Now, Ron Washington can use Ogando to pitch the seventh. Or the sixth and seventh since he's been stretched out after a season of starting.

All of that means, Washington can use Darren Oliver, Koji Uehara and Mike Gonzalez, a situational lefty, as needed to get to his three power arms at the end of the game.

Ogando, Adams and Feliz are each strikeout artists, which is important in the late innings, when strikeouts gain more significance.

The key, however, is Ogando because he gives Washington so much versatility. In Game 4 of the ALDS, he pitched the eighth inning, in part, because Mike Adams threw 26 pitches the day before in Game 3.

That kind of versatility is priceless.