Catcher Mike Napoli fine after collision

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said a doctor checked on catcher Mike Napoli after Tuesday's game and that he was fine.

Napoli was involved in a hard collision at home plate in Game 4 as Sean Rodriguez barreled into him, causing Napoli to fall backward.

"Mike is fine," Washington said Wednesday. "You're always nervous when your catcher has a collision at home plate. But it's a part of the game. There's nothing you can do. The ball was there at the same time the runner got there. The runner didn't have an opening to get the plate, so usually when that happens, you go through whatever is in front of you. He went through Mike. I'm just happy Mike was able to finish the game and was fine."

Jamie Reed, the club's head athletic trainer, came out to check on Napoli along with manager Ron Washington and Reed continued to check on him after each inning. Washington told the umpire he was checking on him.

"The next thing is [Napoli] said, 'Geez, I had a wad of chew, where is it?'" Washington said. "He had swallowed it. Then he said, 'I'm all right skip, let's go.'"

Napoli said after Tuesday's game that he felt the collision was a good, hard baseball play.

"It was a fine, clean play," Napoli said Tuesday. "He was trying to score. I’m going to try to do the same thing if I’m trying to score and a guy is blocking the plate in that moment."

Rodriguez and Napoli were teammates with the Angels.

"We’re friends," Napoli said. "But once we get on the field, it’s time to play baseball and try to help your team win. He got me in the throat pretty good. I don’t know if it was his forearm, but he hit me pretty good. I was walking around to regroup a little bit."