Michael Young isn't sweating slump

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It will take much more than a hitless drought of 15 at-bats for any doubt to creep into Michael Young’s mind.

So he didn’t feel a sense of relief after singling to get the Rangers going in the bottom of the 11th. He simply fulfilled his expectations.

“I don’t lose confidence in myself as a hitter,” Young said. “I expect good things to happen every time I go up there as a hitter. Every time I go up to the plate, I expect to hit the ball hard.”

Young feels like he’s been hitting the ball fine during the postseason. It just isn’t reflected by his .130 batting average.

But Young, who is coming off a regular season in which he set career highs in average (.338) and RBI (106) wasn’t sweating a slump before he finally got a ground ball to go through the infield.

“I feel great,” Young said. “I’ve made a lot of hard outs, so there’s no need for me to sit here and overadjust. I stay the course and expect good things to happen.”

It isn’t hard to find proof that overreacting to a proven hitter’s postseason slump can be pretty silly. Just look a few spots down in Rangers’ lineup.

Nelson Cruz went a whopping 1-for-15 in the American League Division Series. Now Boomstick is suddenly the most dangerous man in the series, bashing three homers and a double in seven ALCS at-bats.

It’s a matter of time before Young gets in another groove. Maybe it already started with a seeing-eye single.