Washington stops chewing sunflower seeds

DETROIT -- Rangers manager Ron Washington said Game 4 of the AL Championship Series was the first time he's gone through an entire game without chewing sunflower seeds.

The skipper replaced the seeds with gum.

"I’m off the seeds for now," Washington said. "Last night, I chewed 9 pieces of gum. I’m not chewing. Last night was the first night I went through a whole game without a bag."

Washington normally goes through two bags of sunflower seeds (usually ranch flavored). But his wife, Gerry, doesn't like the way Washington looks on camera when he's chewing them.

"I was getting pressure put on me," Washington said. "She said, 'Everybody eats seeds, but nobody looks like you.'"

Washington said he was tempted to sneak a bag during the game.

"It was tough, but I didn't," Washington said. "I wanted to be good."

In the playoffs, TV has a camera right near Washington and they catch his every move as he claps for big plays and helps wave runners home from his spot in the dugout.