Pressure? What pressure?

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Rangers are in the enviable spot of having a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven AL Championship Series.

But because they lost Game 5 in Comerica Park with a chance to clinch the series, some media folks were asking if the Rangers thought they were feeling some pressure, especially to get it done in Game 6.

"I feel like pressure is whatever you make of it," outfielder David Murphy said. "I feel like the only pressure, if any, would be what we put on ourselves. I don't see why the pressure would be on us. We're not one loss away from elimination. It's been a great series, so it doesn't really feel like pressure to me."

Tigers Game 6 starter Max Scherzer agreed, saying players are just excited about the challenge of competing in meaningful games.

"I think we feel good," Scherzer said about the Tigers. "We're still playing baseball. I think we all believe in each other that if we can win Game 6 that anything can happen in Game 7. We're pretty relaxed as a whole. We're not really fazed by any of the situations that have been presented to us. We're approaching it one game at a time."

The Rangers have another advantage, besides being one game away from the World Series. They are at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

"We worked hard to get homefield advantage so we could have the last two games here," Michael Young said. "We're happy with the position we're in and so we'll come ready to play tomorrow."