Michael Young: What second-guessing?

ST. LOUIS -- If fans managed the Texas Rangers, Michael Young would have been hitting ninth, if at all, during the ALCS. As the club's cleanup hitter struggled to produce hits, manager Ron Washington daily brushed off questions about getting Young out of there.

The manager never did and Young, a .338 hitter during the regular season, rewarded his patience with a monster Game 6 to clinch a second consecutive trip to the World Series.

Young says he never paid attention to the second-guessing because he didn't know there was any. He claims not to read the written word or watch any of those highlight shows on TV.

But, if there was a bunch of second-guess noise out there, Young said he's good with that.

"That’s what makes the postseason so much fun for fans," Young said. 'They’re emotionally invested and that’s pretty cool."

Young's a sports fan, too, he said, and guess what? He second-guesses his favorite teams, too.

"My Lakers got their ass whooped and I was second-guessing the whole damn organization," the Southern California native said, referencing the embarrassing 4-0 sweep of Kobe Bryant and company by the Dallas Mavericks.

Young also said he's a Cowboys fan and he watched the entirety of their 20-16 loss Sunday to the Patriots, from the red-zone failings to the ultra-conservative play-calling late that ultimately doomed Dallas.

Plenty of second-guessing to go around there, huh, Michael?

"Um," Young said, eyeballs rolling skyward, "nope, nope, nope."