Albert Pujols plans to be patient, take walks

ST. LOUIS -- Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols has walked six times, three intentionally, in 11 postseason games. The Texas Rangers walked Miguel Cabrera seven times, twice intentionally, in the ALCS.

Pujols is prepared to see plenty of pitches out of the strike zone starting with tonight's Game 1 against C.J. Wilson.

"Hopefully, I can have the same series I had against Milwaukee and Philly. I’m really patient at the plate and I know that I have great players in front of me and behind me that is going to be able to do damage," Pujols said. "My main goal is to go out there and if I get a good pitch to hit, try to put my best swing. And if I don’t, hopefully try to take my walk and that’s something I’ve been doing over the last two months that I handn’t been doing earlier in the year."

It's pretty simple: When Pujols gets a pitch to hit he puts in play and usually where a fielder isn't. He's hitting .419 in the postseason and coming off hitting .478 in the NLCS. Half of his 18 hits are for extra bases and he had 10 RBIs.

This series will provide the Rangers starters with their first-ever look at the 6-foot-3, 230-pound Pujols from 90-feet, six-inches away and gripping a baseball bat. Only reliever Mike Adams, a former National League pitcher, has faced Pujols.

"I can't really honestly say that there's one particular way to get a guy like that out," Wilson said. "I made a joke the other day, yeah, I'll just throw it down the middle because I'm not going to tell you guys what my game plan is. But at the same time, you have to pitch to the whole lineup and you have to be conscious of the whole lineup. You can't just go there and try to be macho and throw the ball as hard as you can. I think you guys have seen that he's hit like 500 home runs or something like that, so it's not really a good idea."