Washington wants more protection for Cruz

ST. LOUIS -- The decision to move outfielder Nelson Cruz up in the order was based on offering the slugger more protection, manager Ron Washington said Tuesday. Cruz was put at sixth in the order with Mike Napoli behind him.

"He's a disciplined hitter," Washington said of Napoli. "The purpose was to get Cruz some protection."

Washington said he doesn't like switching things up, so he expects to leave Cruz sixth and Napoli seventh for the duration of the series, even in Games 3, 4 and 5, if necessary, in Arlington.

Washington said he didn't consider moving Michael Young out of the cleanup spot or Adrian Beltre fifth.

"That's working," Washington said. "I don't want to mess with that."

Other notes:

* Washington said it was tough to tell Koji Uehara and Yoshinori Tateyama that they wouldn't be on the World Series roster. "They took it with class," Washington said. Washington said Tateyama wasn't used much in the postseason and the club felt they might use Mark Lowe more. And he said Uehara was "struggling" and the team wanted the extra bench player in Matt Treanor. That gives them more options to pinch-run for the catcher spot if needed.

* Washington isn't worried about the weather, but one adjustment is that he'll try to get his relievers up sooner to warm up. That way if they need a little more time to loosen up, they'll have it.

* The skipper isn't into predicting but knows that the club is picked by most media outlets to win this World Series. "We're not worried about that," Washington said. "We're just going to get between the lines and play baseball."