Taylor: Rangers show off versatile offense

ST. LOUIS -- No way the old station-to-station Texas Rangers would have won Game 2 of the World Series on Thursday night at Busch Stadium.

All those teams could do was bash. And mash.

Ron Washington's Rangers are so much more versatile on offense -- and it's the reason they manufactured a pair of ninth-inning runs to slip past the St. Louis Cardinals and genius manager Tony La Russa, 2-1.

The Rangers tied the series at 1-1 with speed. And guile. And aggressiveness.

The Rangers? Uh huh.

"We won this game because we made some [expletive] happen," Washington said in the visiting manager's office after the game.

"It was the way we talked about playing the game, when I got here. We didn't do anything special tonight. That's just the way we play."

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